by Hugh Denham
Word Ways, 1992


I have been asked to right a ballad about a Laud of the Manna, Col. P. Riley of Great Holkham. As my spelling is sometimes a bit shaky, I ran my composition through the spelling check on the word processor; fortunately the programme did knot discover any mistakes.

Weir Kernel Fillip Wryly.
Hears Misses Are, inn toe.
Baste inn the Hokum airier--
Warred Counsellor, ewe no.

Jay Pea--caught cessions--pole tacks--
Yew sea hour chaws aunt phew.
Weir "Fill" two awl hour felloes.
Thee surfs trussed "Filly," to.

Hour four-bares maid there cache, weir tolled,
Wen Quean An rained inn piece,
Benighting Hue Fits-Wryly--
Heed one sum wore inn Grease.

Hour plaice, Grate Hokum Manner,
Ewe retch sume whey aweigh
Buy Beaches Would, witch farther soled.
Yawl bee hour guessed, eye prey?

Pleas mete hour sun--hears Simian;
Watts maw, meat deer Aren't Knell.
Yore awl four tee? Coax? Laager? Ail?
Bier? Jinn? Aisle wring thee belle.

Wye,. wen yew cume too Hokum
Wheel chute--burred, heart ore hair;
Awe, tyred bye summary whether,
Lays inn thee barmy heir.

Yule fined for hansom stories,
Gneiss lorn, flours, likened waul;
Weave gaits, muse, mote, stares, bawl rheum,
Hie sealing inn thee Haul.

Theirs licker inn thee sellers;
Whine wight ore read wee whored.
Threw weak daze, Sundaes, fate daze,
Wee lowed thee waited bored.

Hour mayors, aye wood ashore ewe,
Gnaw sloe gnaw peeky bee.
Jew sale? Weed yews hour birth inn

Hour whirled kneads tacked, thyme, patients;
Sew flea thee currant seen.
Bee lacks. Eye sees yaw chants too wrest,
Two "pores" (know, "paws" aye mien).

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