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  For more than thirty years, Word Ways has explored the many facets of logology (an old word resurrected by the late Dmitri Borgmann to describe recreational linguistics). Dmitri wrote the classic book on this topic -- Language on Vacation (Scribner's, 1965), now out of print -- and was the first Word Ways editor in 1968. Word Ways is currently edited by Ross Eckler, author of the recent book Making the Alphabet Dance (St. Martin's, 1996), a survey of the field and the many new discoveries made in the last thirty-five years.

Word Ways is published in an 80-page format four times a year (February, May, August, November). To contact us, write
   Word Ways
   129 Kitchell Road
   Morristown, NJ 07960
or send e-mail to [email protected]

A subscription costs $30 per year for individuals, $33 for institutions.

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