Word Trek Daily Quest June 30 2020 Answers

Word Trek Daily is the best chance for you to keep your brain exercised on a daily basis. This game offers each day a new, fun and challenging game where you will master your word search skills. The challenge consists of three different puzzles that vary in difficulty. You start off with an easy puzzle and as you progress it becomes more challenging. While playing this game you have to be mindful of  what letters to choose for each word. The words that you have to find are hidden in a grid. Just swipe with your finger to connect the letters and build the correct word. At first sight the game may sound easy but as you progress the grids get larger and the game very challenging. In this case do not forget to take advantage of the given helping tools. By playing this game it really tests your puzzle solving skills. Give it a try!

Word Trek Daily Quest June 30 2020 Answers

The answers for today are:

Puzzle 1: CITE-QUOTE

Puzzle 2: BRAID-HAIR


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