by Dave Morice
Word Ways, 2000


This poem, dedicated to Ross Eckler, uses words that contain all 676 bigrams from AA to ZZ, one per word. The words with bigrams occur in alphabetic order as they are listed on pp. 65-68 of Making the Alphabet Dance. Another 676 words connect them. Each of the 26 stanzas contains the 26 bigram words beginning with the same letter. For instance, the first stanza has all the A-bigram words, from bazAAr ro magAZine. The entire poem is both grammatically and bigrammatically correct.

At the bazaar about a year back,
I had an aesthetic experience.
After bumping against the booth
ahead of me, I said, "Major art
should make all the same--and
extraordinary perhaps." Aqueous
ideas are as water at mountains
because they have to flow away
like the tax on a May magazine.

Back at the lobby, the subcommittee
on subdivision tried to be the clubfoot
of a subgroup. The clubhouse was a big subject
in the subkingdom. The public submarine
was obnoxious about being bombproof.
Its subquality brought water
observed instead of obtained,
but obviously, the subway
turned subxerophilous by the subzone.

Life can be ecbolic.
according to the anecdote.
Since the flicflac era of ecgonine days,
which gave the city an arcjet back
to a close acme, the picnic
could transmit ecphonesis. It was
acquired across politics, in fact,
and it cut Mechanicville in half. The cwm
was acxoyatl on the policy of the czar.

One day, a goodbye broadcast added up
and made my grandfather discover knowledge
lost since childhood. He did an adjustment
to his handkerchief. Hardly an administration
didn't do it. From his standpoint,
the headquarters of children were hands
above their width during spring.
The advantage of a dwelling by Tolodxi
was its body constructed with an adz.

That year, baseball started
because a used field had been placed
before the players. The game began
behind their rejected week of feeling well.
To them, the field had been filled
with people. "Keep off the grass"
was required. Were these bases
going to get neutral, even new,
next time they tried to squeeze?

Fact: A halfback with a briefcase
made serfdom his life. He took off
his afghan. Offhand, the first fjord
brought calfkill to his floor.
The feoffment trembled with aloofness
for an offprint of Futalaufquen.
From his beliefs, after a full meal
of arfvedsonite in the halfway house,
old Afxentiou couldn't identify styfziekte.

Against the pegboard, the dogcart kingdom
didn't get meaningful.
as suggested throughout history.
To give a logjam its gingko,
English judgment was foreign:
"A good bagpipe, Ngqika, signifies
great things in Washington. The figure
of a dogvane made of dogwood in Longxuyen
forces energy to zigzag."

That neighborhood had a forthcoming
birthday, but the youthful
churchgoing pilot withheld his
highjacker latchkey. How highly
the establishment valued technical
people who had a birthplace
in an earthquake! Through the months,
the might of the church on Boschvark Highway
couldn't meohx. "Why?"--a mazhor question.

"Social--or possible? Which?"
he said. "Experience, if there
might be any likelihood of skiing
on marijuana, is like free will.
Let him in." National equipment
stores used the same technique
for selling their goods. "Is it
medium? We'll give you the handiwork
of six in a biyearly size."

Jazz was rajbansi, but Wojcik
made the slojd his subject. Fajfer
telephoned Bajgier: "The jheel of a jig
at hajji meant a slow rijksdaalder
for the majlis old jajman. Jnana, the major
rajpramukh, provided the fejqien, a bajra
in the Wijs method. The mujtahid just
bought a blijver from the bijwoner Dijxhoorn
in order to start the jyngine of Gijzegem."

Remarkable! A workbench bookcase breakdown,
like breakfast, in the background!
The stockholder brandished a kind
blackjack. Bookkeeping quickly,
the workmen didn't know or reckon
that the cockpit faced cuckquean
bankruptcy within weeks. The cocktail
pickup was kvass backward
in te kickxia sky over Achakzai.

Waving the last elbow of welcome
would please people, but he believed
himself to be a pilgrim in a schoolhouse.
Like a killjoy, he walked all alone,
almost in illness. A long help
on the catafalque was already there.
Also, his friends felt little value
in themselves. They were always
calx to him, only colza.

In May he wanted to number the armchair
of filmdom: "With some comfort,
the slumgullion in the farmhouse might
gymkhana firmly at the community column,
but it's more important to eat
a kumquat, comrade." He filled himself
with warmth that he must have had
to circumvent teamwork in Xemxija.
"My hamza hurts."

The national banks had been unbroken
since July, and one banker had
information long before it inherited
a united currency. She enjoyed trying
to think about only the government.
"I cannot not input the inquiry at sunrise
against the money into the number involved.
In the meanwhile, anxiety would make
any gold turn bronze."

The board had a problem
with the social good:
"Does the purpose of a program
that's coherent become a going
project? It took old ideas.
From now on, too, people
are eloquent for the most part,
but not you. Move over now.
Box the boy a dozen times."

Part of shipbuilding involved
a topcoat updated by people.
The helpful campground seemed
less physical, a spirit, a skipjack
whose upkeep involved people
in the development of pneumonia.
Upon support, a popquiz program
perhaps kept the public hopvine upward.
Q'oa'px was happy in Leipzig.

The tariqa in Shuqba caught
a bad case of Qcepo. The taluqdar qere
presented cinqfoil at the Iraqgate hearings.
As the fiqh qiviut known as Feqjakuqe turned
into an aqkiyenik, he met the taqlid Luqman
in Qnaitra long ago. A qoph on Maqpiato's wall
resembled a zaqqum on the miqra buqsha in Qtrah.
It was quite qvint to the acqwyte eye Clerqx,
whose qyrghyz was born in Ahmaqzai.

In general, the urban church
asked this: "Toward what ends
are the building's surfaces large?
Perhaps the right perjury might work
in this world, but a form of government
from a single purpose needs its torque
carried away." The first part was true.
Service went forward in Marxist rule
with very scherzo results.

Said the husband to the school
on Tuesday, "These successful
grades disguised my daughter.
She, since she was misjudged,
asked an island of small questions.
It w asn't so special in a square
classroom. It was less the first hour.
Such a transverse answer
in the Mesx system is grosz."

State football in the kitchen
meant outdoor activities after
the platform, equally outgoing.
The time came for a bootjack
to kick a catkin in the little
department. A witness to the output
for the cotquean country of its better
turn went postvocalic in two
postxyphoid seconds of a city blitz.

Individual public displays?
Such a study retained the question,
sufficient through the brouhaha
with quite a hallelujah. The duke
would number his years under continuous
voices cheering up the bouquet
of our flowery must. The vacuum
of juvenile rauwolfia required
flux to buy the puzzle.

He was available in vberte. A novcic
heavd, saying, "Have a ball!
Thravfe with avgas in Givhans
and with service in Evje. The sovkhoz
sell vleis to the tradevman. The czarevna
has a voice as sovprene as a victim of Sovquinet.
The chevron revs a Polovtsian car,
a vulnerable flivver, in Vwang, where
Mr. Molynevx got heavy in the evzone.

Was the cowboy a newcomer to the crowd?
Were the awful blowgun triggers,
which worked with plowjoggers,
able to hawk knowledge instead of
showmanship down by the circus?
Would the viewpoint of the cawquaw
who wrote the news, stunt growth, too?
Who swung like a lowveld glowworm?
Was Hawxhurst a lawyer for frowzy clients?

Example: An oxbow meant nothing
except for seven sexdecillion things
fixed at Oxford. A foxglove wouldn't
exhibit existence in Vxj, where
the boxkeeper speaks: "I, Axle,
axminster the laxness of exotic experience,
an exquisite banxring to the coxswain.
Next, the sexual poxvirus of boxwood
can waxxen only if oxygen is exzodiacal."

In the yard, maybe a cycle of hydrogen
collided with a year of playful oxygen.
Anyhow, trying on pyjamas, the tyke chose
style as a symbol of polynomial expansion.
"You type," said the triptyque, "although your
thyroid always digests anything
picayune, including polyvinyl chloride.
Anyway, asphyxiate the gayyou
who analyzed everything."

The organization chose whizbang mezcal,
Mazdaism of a size greater than topazfels.
The whizgig made muzhik, amazing muzjik,
in the blitzkrieg puzzle known as "Mizmaze."
Ghaznevid on the horizon met a mizpah
that mezquit before the arzunite
in vammazsa legends. The Aztec seizure
had a rendezvous with zwieback at Zzyzx.
What a crazy puzzle!

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