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This list is current as of 2003.

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A Dictionary and Contradictionary of Anagrams...
by Anil

Over 3500 anagrams, palindromes and charades, samples of which have appeared in Word Ways as "The Oz Contradictionary".  Definitive anagrams and polyanagrams, including a unique chapter of Mathematics and Science definitions, plus humour, satire, names, stories, essays, and poetry.

Price: $10 including shipping to U.S. or Canada., $15 elsewhere.

compiled by Jeff Grant and Dan Tilque

A collection of more than 4000 palindromic words, phrases and proper names taken from many languages, with an Introduction and Bibliography.  This is a complete revision of the original Palindromicon published by Word Ways in 1992.  (A few copies of the original edition are still available.)

Price: $12 for hardcopy version, $10 on disk.  Includes shipping.


A collection of about 9000 anagrams, mainly drawn from the pages of The Enigma, the publication of the National Puzzlers League.

Price: $10 including shipping.  Computer disk format only.

A Dictionary of Palindromes
by Stephen J. Chism

First published in 1992, this was Word Ways' all-time best-selling monograph.  Now somewhat dated, due to the explosion of palindrome creation in other print works and on the internet, it is nonetheless of historical interest as an attempt to compile all of the then-known palindromes in the English language.

Price: $15 including shipping.  Computer disk format only (MS Word).

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