by Cynthia Knight
Word Ways, 1984


The following dialogue (except for italicized words) is written entirely with words consisting of the US Post Office two-letter statename abbreviations. In the May 1976 Word Ways, Darryl Francis listed 130 such words that he found in Webster's Pocket Dictionary, plus more than 50 words eight letters or longer from Webster's Second or Third editions (the longest, CACOGALACTIA).


Characters:   MS. INGA LANE, paid cook
NEAL DEMSKY, lame vandal
PA (akin), many-decade lama
Places:   Arid moor
Arcade game near Marineland
Concorde de la Mode
Season:   Pascal
Props:   Pail, cane, alpaca

NEAL: Decoct, maid! Almond wine? Deal?
INGA (in coma): Ma! Papa! Come near me! Alms!
NEAL (florid): Mine meal! Moil, Inga!
INGA (in pain): Demand in vain!

[NEAL aria, or pavane]
[NEAL lams]

INGA (in code): Deny, hide mail; scar me! Oh, inky condor, come! Oh, mend me!

[PA came]

PA: Hi, Inga. Come ride wide lane? Mom's game.
INGA (wail): Candor, OK? Pact?

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